Smart Home

A Pure Fibre home creates a new way of living. Whether that is a video doorbell, remote security or remote heating controls to smart meters. These are the first line of products to use high capacity connectivity. There will be more and more home automation as time moves on…

Waste Management

Waste and recycling are a key focus for our planet to save resources and protect the environment. Technology has a part to play. In a Pure Fibre Zone the ability to monitor and control waste and recycling collections will be possible. Making the process more visible and efficient.

Health Monitoring

Health monitoring is not only about being more efficient but also saving lives. Technology through a fibre network can play an important role in prevention and monitoring of health conditions. This provides real life and real time practical help to those people who are restricted and or need assistance.

Public live data

Keeping people informed is something more of us expect. We become better at planning our daily schedules with live, up to date information which gives us more options. In a Pure Fibre Zone live up-to-date information will be available providing real time data on local events, weather, promotions and tourist information.

Connected Towns

Each Pure Fibre Zone will be connected making the region the most connected area. Providing connectivity equal to or surpassing the leading cities in the world. This will allow new industries to grow and develop, and attract expansion from new and existing companies. A connected Wales will be the powerhouse of the economy.