PURE FIBRE ZONES – a new way of living; connecting communities and providing a technology platform for the future.

Welcome to the exciting new way of connectivity
PURE FIBRE ZONES are towns or villages connected by fibre to enable 100mbit of Wi-Fi mesh and up to 1gb of fibre to business. The approach is to build and activate within months thus allowing quick realtime connectivity. Each Pure Fibre Zone will be connected by Pure Fibre to the next town, this daisy chain approach will enable more towns and villages to join the Pure Fibre revolution.

  • 1 High Street

    Allowing a powerful wifi mesh throughout your town. Making interconnectivity with shops, restuarants, hotels and tourist attractions live.

  • Smart home

    Connecting your home to fibre will revolutionise your living space making a whole new range of smart appliances available. Whether that’s to control your lighting or manage health monitoring, it’s all possible with fibre.

  • WIFI

    A new powerful wifi mesh which covers your town or village - making that zone the most connected area; allowing true interface with all shops.

  • Waste management

    The management of waste is a serious issue. When you have a fibre platform, technology can monitor all waste activity.

  • Business

    Slow upload speeds are a thing of the past - no more waiting overnight for that data transmission. Fibre will offer you the most powerful download and upload speeds.

  • Fibrespeed

    For some time there has been a Fibrespeed fibre cable along the North Wales coast. This fibre cable will provide connectivity for all our Pure Fibre Zones - making North Wales one of the most connected areas in the UK.


The Welsh Government, in conjunction with DCMS, have made grants available to assist in the funding of these fibre zones, thus future proofing these areas.